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International Virtual Dog Show for Australian Wildfire Relief

Australia wildfire

This past week, the world has watched in horror as bushfires in Australia have razed entire towns and devastated wild areas. Fires are still burning in Eastern Victoria ( North and North East of Melbourne) and New South Wales. At last count 181 souls have perished and over 1100 homes destroyed. In some areas it is still not possible to get into to find any bodies.

Australian Shepherd DogThe dog show people have come up with a wonderful fundraiser to help out Australian dog lovers in the affected regions: a virtual dog show open to anyone in the world who would like to enter and show off their dog friends.

Any dog is eligible to enter. There will be special classes for dogs from mixed marriages as well as a rainbow bridge category for dearly departed friends. The fee is $10 AUS per dog.

All money raised will be shared among Aussie members who are victims of the bushfires.

A catalogue of ‘the show’ will be given to each of the affected members as a sign of the support of their friends. Copies of the catalogue will also be available on the Dogs Victoria website. The catalogue will show breed, dog’s name and owner’s name.

Entries close March 6!

Why not make an entry in the name of your favourite dog that may no longer still be with you? You can download entry forms at the Dogs Victoria website

Dogs Victoria have raised over $60,000 at time of writing.