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The Dog Song

I’m just a walking my dog
Singing my song
Strolling along
Yeah it’s just me and my dog
Catching some sun
We can’t go wrong

Well just go right to the pound
And find yourself a hound
And make that doggie proud
‘Cause that’s what it’s all about

Nellie McKay Dog Song

Playful, quirky, hilarious, endearing: not attributes of your typical political agitator. But singer-songwriter-producer-activist Nellie McKay merits the description. Her music is whimsical, colorful, catchy and as engaging as it is restless. Toying with antique genres and yet undeniably contemporary, it flirts with multiple styles of delivery while maintaining a sharp social conscience.

For these and other eccentricities, McKay has gained a devoted fan following. On stage and off, she’s an outspoken advocate of animal rights, a friend and ally to any arch political quip and — lucky for us — artistically uncompromising.

Excerpted from TED dot com

Image: “Lost Girls”

Nellie McKay website


Snow Dogs Dream of This

With the humidex on Canada’s south coast heading back up into the 40s (Celsius) this week, my northern spitzes would love to be doing this…

Shiba Inu World Cup Soccer Star

In related Canadian news, we don’t have a video but we do have pix of puppy mill rescue inu Kamikaze Karinoe hogging the Big Ball that I salvaged from a Goodwill parking lot one April.

The Big Ball


At the Toronto Humane Society on Friday night, five well-loved Pit Bulls were euthanized along with one other dog and 30 cats.

All of these dogs had shelters or rescues willing to take them in. They would have been moved out weeks ago but for legal concerns around transporting them through the province (because Pit Bulls are banned in Ontario). Volunteers were in the midst of working out an acceptable transport plan when the euthanasia took place.

People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word.

new euthanasia policy is in place that takes into account the future of very aggressive or sick animals, according to executive director, Garth Jerome.

“We can’t be a sanctuary. We have to be a shelter. We can’t house animals indefinitely.”

Were these dogs ill or dangerous? There has been some debate in the blogosphere about temperament testing, but these dogs were ultimately failed by a perfect storm of BSL, inadequate sheltering and, now, expediency. Read for yourself at Tailspin, One Bark at a Time and The Examiner.

In an affadavit, Mr. Jerome stated that the transport of the dogs was a priority and pointed at the OSPCA for shutting it down for reasons unknown to him. Reliable sources, however, say that arrangements had been made with the OSPCA for the dogs to be driven to the U.S. on the 29th. The decision was taken by THS to euthanize them just the Friday before their intended release.

So why did the executive director not know or act?

Marcie Laking, a long time volunteer who was familiar with the dogs, blamed their deaths on bickering among THS staff, volunteers and the OSPCA.

“If we spent half as much time trying to adopt these animals as we did taking shots at each other there’d be no animals in the shelter, they’d all have homes.”

Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and re-inscribed exactly as often as was necessary.

Kate Hammer’s explosive review in the Globe and Mail articulates what some of us have suspected. THS is seeking court permission to shut down the facility, clear the cages, and start over.

The OSPCA states that such a draconian direction should not be taken lightly, certainly not without the approval of the membership. THS has been closed to new members since last year. Most of the board, meanwhile, are expected to resign or be removed. One might expect that donations and bequests,  however, might be cancelled because the donors did not sign on for this new direction.

Mr. Jerome’s ambitions, set out in the affadavit quoted in Ms. Hammer’s article, sound mostly laudable, but where is the credibility of these promises, given what transpired on Friday and what is about to occur? Actions speak louder than words.

The animals are the pawns in this recalibration.

Never again, the negligent and megalomaniac betrayal of a venerable institution whose mission, set by John Kelso in 1867, was to help the sick, homeless, orphaned and needy animals of Toronto.

And never again, the expedient and institutionalized slaughter that took place in March, 2010, by those who did not understand that their job was to protect our animals, and who had sadly lost sight of the vision of the Toronto Humane Society.

Update, April 1:

After months of legal haggling, a deal has been struck to allow THS to close its doors on April 12 in order to do the necessary cleanup to start anew in June. THS and OSPCA agreed to this on the basis of the resignation of the entire board of directors. A new board will be elected at a special members’ meeting at the end of May.

In the meantime, the remaining 200 animals are to be adopted out, placed with rescues or euthanized. Any animals remaining on April 12 will be removed by the OSPCA.

The deaths would appear to be explained by the sudden cage-clearing to enable the Fresh Start. Is this ready-fire-aim management style an indication of what to expect afterwards?

And why are THS and the OSPCA tying the hands of the adoption staff, who have a week and a bit to do their best for the animals, by restricting hours to noon – 6 pm and letting the website lapse with broken links, inaccurate, incomplete and uninformative adoption postings? Additional information on the animals can be found on Facebook, One Bark at a Time and Help the THS Kitties.

Someone please send the management a copy of Nathan Winograd’s Redemption and make sure that any candidate for the new board can pass a pop quiz on the same.

Lest we forget: Smokey, Tiger, Captain, Peti and Socks.

Photos by Mel Laking.

Miniluv image: Cafepress.

A Place to Remember

Five acres of land at Keystone Lake under the Oklahoma skies has been donated to all Pet Owners. Five acres in the very center of the United States given to us; a home to focus on the very center of the problem.

Pet Food has killed and sickened countless thousands of Pets over the past years.

They all mattered to someone.

Earlier, we blogged about the Menu Foods debacle which sickened and killed thousands of dogs and cats.

From the 2007 melamine pet food recall alone, some estimates are as high as 300,000 U.S. and Canadian pets became sick, died, or are still fighting kidney disease. Countless thousands more pets have become sick from recalls or silent recalls of tainted pet food since.

No laws have changed, no lawsuits have been settled, none responsible have been jailed. No one has told us how many died or remains sick; no one tells us how many continue to become sick and/or die from new recalls. Today, with numerous silent recalls (pet foods being removed from store shelves without an official public recall) we barely even know the partial truth of pet food risks. Many pet foods continue to import inferior ingredients, continue to violate Federal Food Safety Laws, continue killing and sickening pets. Pet Owners have written letters to Congress, begged pet loving Celebrities, pleaded with Federal Officials for change. Time and time again we’ve been ignored.

One pet family decided enough was enough.

If the FDA, Congress, and irresponsible Pet Food Companies wanted to continue to turn a blind eye to the cold truth that hundreds of thousands of pets have become sick and/or died and continue to become sick and die because of a pet food, this family was going to make sure not one pet would ever be forgotten; nor why they died.

Vindication is ours. As you read this Vindication is being sculpted by the donors into flowering gardens with handmade stones lining the cascading pathways. Careful selections of flowers are being chosen; flowers will bloom both day and night. At the very front of our land will be 16 handmade stones circled into the pathway beginning. These 16 stones signify the 16 “official” pets that died at Menu Foods testing laboratory long before the deadliest recall in world history was announced.

From the Remembered 16 Circle will be pathways that cascade over our land. Each stone lining each pathway will be handmade and personalized with the name of a pet killed or sickened by pet food. Each innocent victim will be remembered. Thousands of pets – each with their own personalized pathway stone will be honored here.

These compassionate and generous people understood that we needed to be unified on solid ground. They understood that no one has ever counted the dead and sick pets; the powerful want this information to be kept silent. As well, they understood that the numbers – the massive numbers of pets that pet food has destroyed – should be known to all. Each singular pet death or illness destroyed a family, yet each singular pet death or illness was dismissed by those responsible. Individually these crushed families were/are powerless to protect further pets. The Vindication project is gathering the names, the thousands and thousands of pets sickened or killed by a pet food. Then, the serious reality will be undeniable to all concerned. Because of Vindication, the power will be given to the Pets.

Full story at Truth About Pet Food.

There’s a Dog in my Church

Christ Church Beaurepaire

Montreal is one step closer to being North America’s Paris: it’s gaining on the City of Lights — a famously pooch-friendly place — by offering a monthly communion church service for dogs.

Paws and Pray was recently inaugurated at Christ Church Beaurepaire, an Anglican church in Beaconsfield on Montreal’s west island, to coincide with the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. The communion service features bread and wine, as well as doggie treats and bowls of water for the four-legged parishioners.

The church’s minister, Michael Johnson, said he has always enjoyed doing a pet blessing once a year.

Johanne Tassé, president of Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec, who suggested the idea to Johnson, said she believes the idea can have a profound impact.

“Animals deserve our care and respect,” said Tassé. “If we can bring dogs to church, how can we turn around and abuse them?”

She believes that the “deplorable” state of animal welfare in Quebec requires people take a closer look at how animals impact our lives.

“There are search-and-rescue dogs, search-and-recovery dogs, dogs to help the disabled, dogs that go into hospitals,” said Tassé. “Dogs help us so much and we need to recognize them as being part of our lives.”

She believes that by welcoming dogs into a house of worship, people will be less likely to neglect their dogs and the service can help effect a change of attitude.

“We’ve lost a little bit of our humanity,” said Tassé. “The time is right to elevate (animals’) significance in our lives.”

Full story at The Province and The Chronicle Herald.

Le French Connection/Highway of Hope.


Baxter the World’s Best Therapy Dog


Baxter, the world’s best, most devoted, and oldest working therapy dog, 19 years and 6 months, eased peacefully from his life on Friday afternoon, October 16th. His angel wings were well deserved.

You’re in the arms of an angel. May you find some comfort there.

Baxter, a chow mix rescued at the age of two, began volunteering seven years ago at San Diego Hospice. In a place created for making goodbyes gentler, Baxter comforted everyone who crossed his path. He licked tears from grieving faces, gave hugs to those at a loss for words, and warmed the hearts and souls of those who were making their transition. He would take his body and curl himself next to a patient for hours, making this intense eye contact that penetrated the human spirit in everyone, proving his undeniable loyalty, love, and sensitivity. Everyone loved Baxter!

Baxter has his own blog, Facebook page and book, Moments With Baxter.

In the last few years the arthritic Baxter needed to be pushed into the hospital rooms on a little wagon and gently placed into the arms of the dying. It was his vulnerability in his old age that helped him bond even more to the patients he helped let go of life. Watch this beautiful tribute to this amazing dog.