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Cuban Dance Party for Toronto Humane Society

The Toronto Humane Society invites you to a lively evening of Cuban music, dancing, snacks and mojitos at the Boulevard Club on the lakeshore. The event takes place on Monday, September 13.

Cuban Dance Party

Please come out and support THS as it moves forward with projects to help the animals, including planning for a high-volume spay/neuter clinic for the urban Toronto community at River Street, alliance with Toronto Animal Services and cat rescues for trap/neuter/return of feral cats, re-opening of the kitten nursery, and improved socialization and training of dogs to help them get adopted into loving homes. THS is also consulting with Bill Bruce, director of Calgary Animal Services, to learn about the successful Calgary model of no-kill sheltering. Bill attended Hershey’s Rally to oppose breed-specific legislation this past weekend with THS volunteers and members of the board.

THS is funded entirely by members and donors, but donations are down this year. These good people need your help to continue to work for the animals and the community.

If you aren’t able to make it to the Cuban Dance Party, please consider donating online or by snail mail to THS.