Liszt Consolation #3

Written in 1849 as Chopin passed away, the Consolations divulge a slightly gloomy Liszt, almost sad. As he was writing a book in tribute to his Polish colleague, Liszt seems to have adopted his deceased friend’s language, especially in this third consolation, probably the most popular of all six pieces.

This is what Classical 96.3 was playing as Escargot and I skimmed along the sunny/cloudy Queensway this afternoon.

The cello truly plucks at the human soul, as in the first video interpretation of this beautiful piece:

Franz Liszt, Consolation No.3, Guido Schiefen (cello), Eric Le Van (piano)

In the second video, Sylvain Blassel performs this third Consolation, S.172, on a gothic styled, twisted column Erard harp from 1907!

Franz Liszt – Consolation No. 3 – Sylvain Blassel, harp

And in the third, of course, Horowitz has well over a million views for his sensitive piano interpretation:

Horowitz plays Liszt Consolation No. 3

But it’s always the cello that sings to me.


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