Art Gallery of Ontario Sky Furnace

Dundas Street reflected in the glass facade of the Galleria Italia at the Art Gallery of Ontario on an overcast day last fall. Taken with my Coolpix point n’ shoot.

The photo reminds me of the imaginary fleet of sky-furnaces from The Red Star graphic novel series from Christian Gossett at Archangel Studios LLC.

Sky-furnaces are the most terrible sky warships on the service of the U.R.R.S. (United Republics of the Red Star). Powered with the mysterious Post Human (ie. dead people) Energy, these warships fly the skies instead of plying the world’s oceans. They are armed with a lateral array of Isolator Tunnels that allow for sorceress War-kasters to transform themselves into unstoppable energy beams and, when lucky, re-constitute themselves back into human form. Ventral arrays of Immolators sweep massive swaths of ground clear of life, leaving only ashes and rocks turned to glass by the immense heat.

(Description from somewhere on Google…)

Image copyright Jan McCartney 2011 All Rights Reserved


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