The Dog in the Road

Google Plus is a paradise for photographers and artists. The richness of sharing of images and dialogue is seductive.

The photographers and artists that I go back to over and over for inspiration end up in my “Favourites” circle. And I want to share one with you.

Anssi Lehtonen doesn’t say very much about himself, but his photographs speak for him. There are superb macros and domestic tableaux that stop you in your tracks with secondary meanings. Superb execution, visual irony, and more than a trace of the wild.

Anssi’s image of the dog waiting in the road touched me deeply, as it will touch all of you who have known canine companionship.

For more of Anssi’s images, visit


2 responses to “The Dog in the Road

  1. Its an wasom photo. Looks like it should be the cover of a Stephen King novel. :)

  2. I love this photo. It really does capture how sad a dog would be to be left in the road. I would love to see more of this photographers work.

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