Help Build the Spay/Neuter Service at Toronto Humane Society

Toronto Humane Society Spay Neuter Service

Earlier we blogged about an exciting plan at Toronto Humane Society to build a high volume spay/neuter service at the River Street shelter. The service is based on the highly successful Spaycentral model used for the first GTA clinic in Newmarket. That clinic performed 5,000 spay/neuter surgeries in its first year alone.

Since then, a similar clinic has opened in Barrie and clinics are being contemplated for other Ontario cities. Toronto Animal Services also set up a spay/neuter service for feral cats at its Progress Avenue location. Toronto Humane Society has been operating frequent free Cat SNIP! clinics for feral cats as part of a trap-neuter-return program.

Still, a high volume spay/neuter service is sorely needed in the downtown area and River Street is the perfect location. This service would help low- and middle-income families who want to do the responsible thing for their pets.

The business case has been made. The blueprints have been prepared. Fundraising has started. $400,000 needs to be raised to buld and staff the clinic, but after a few months, it is expected to be self-sustaining.

Now Toronto Humane Society needs your help.

THS has registered in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge. This challenge offers major funding to community causes. THS stands to win $100,000 which would go a long way toward getting the clinic built.

Toronto Humane Society needs your votes. Voting began on March 1 and this cycle ends on April 30. We need as many people as possible to log into the Pepsi Challenge site and vote every single day. We also need you to spread the word about this wonderful opportunity to help the community and its animals.

To vote, go to the Pepsi Challenge page for THS.

If you’re new to voting on the Pepsi Refresh website, you’ll need to sign up in order to vote. It’s safe. Then, every day when you vote, start by logging in. The signup and login is at the bottom left of the screen. You may need to scroll down to see the login. Once you’re logged in, just click the big Vote button.

Alternatively, you can just click the Vote button and the login screen will automatically pop up. After you log in, don’t forget to click the Vote button again to ensure your vote is captured! After you’ve voted, you will get a “way to go” message.

For more information and updates on the THS spay/neuter service, the Pepsi Challenge and the good work being done at Toronto Humane Society to help the feral cats, visit us on Facebook. and on the THS Spay/Neuter website.

Vote early and often! And tell everyone you know!


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