Never Walk AloneIraq War veteran Troy Yocum is walking 7,000 miles across the nation, banging his drum, gathering followers and trying to meet his goal of raising $5 million for U.S. Armed Forces veterans and families in need.

His 16-month journey, dubbed “The Drum Hike”, began April 17 at the Kentucky Derby Thunder Over Louisville celebration. With Emmie the SuperDog by his side, he took the first step of his 16-month quest that day. Now they are on track to complete the western leg of the journey. They’re travelling all the way from Kentucky to California by Veterans Day.

After serving in Iraq,  he was honorably discharged from the military on Jan. 5, but his service carried on.

Troy Yocum and Emmie“After my contract was up, I signed a new one,” said Yocum. “I signed up for a 16 month, 7,000-mile hike across America to help military families. Now, I am a Soldier for the Soldiers.”

He began planning his hike while deployed to Iraq. “Some played video games to pass the time,” said Yocum. “Some read, some wrote. I looked for ways to raise money for charities.”

Yocum has raised the money necessary to fund the walk through sponsors like Soldier’s Angels, and many other organizations and businesses.

With the money donated by sponsors he was able to acquire recreational vehicle to trail him along his hike, providing him shelter when needed, medical supplies inside and food and water.

Armed with the bare essentials for the estimated 50 million steps it will take to walk across the country, Yocum’s plan to return his gratitude to veterans is slowly becoming a reality.

Travelling with Troy is his support crew made up of his wife Mareike, his long time friend and assistant Terry Carmickle, Harley the joking Chihuahua, and Emmie, a black and tan shiba inu!

Find out more at Drumhike

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One response to “Drumhike

  1. Wow, totally inspiring! This guy embodies a life of service to others, something most people can’t even contemplate, much less achieve. I’m going to find out more about Drumhike and pass this info to a bunch of other people. Thanks for making us aware of this, Jan!

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