Sundered Heart

Thinking about what to produce for Xmas, assuming that family members are happy to receive, indie… jewellery rather than, say, a gift card from The Bay, I couldn’t help picking up three wonderful lampwork sundered hearts by Dwyn Tomlinson this past weekend.  One is for me. The others, well, we shall see…More to come on these once they are assembled.

Speaking of sundered hearts, my first metalsmithing course wound up at the aptly-named Devil’s Workshop this evening. After making the requisite sterling band ring (a rags-to-riches miracle considering its beginnings as a wonky silver strip), I focussed on copper which is way more economical for learners.

Black Heart
I dunno. I am kinda attached to this little OOAK Black Heart with its cartoon X-eyes, its bullet holes. lightning-bolt fissure and flame-thrower cinders. Who hasn’t had their heart broken like that at least once, even if only in their melodramatic imagination?

It was an experiment in texturing (more like bashing with whatever was available) and patinating, but in the process, I learned how to saw, drill and rivet, thanks to Danielle’s infinite patience in letting us just try things out and see what direction we wanted to go in. Make no mistake, though! Danielle insisted that we learn pick-soldering and that we cut our discs and jump rings with the jeweller’s saw! A wonderful balance of technique and creativity…

Some of the inspiration for this little guy comes from Lisa and Tony Blackwell’s work over at Zoa Art, but the out-of-the-box freedom-to-experiment and incorporation of sari silk is inspired by the talented and prodigious Shannon LeVart who is a mentor in so many ways.


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  1. how totally cool is this? Awesome!

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