Lilith’s Vine

It started a couple of years ago in a creative writing class. Outi Kapanen, who was visiting from Finland, wrote a short story about Lilith that has haunted me ever since. Lilith, who pre-dated Eve in the Biblical account, becomes Gaia in Outi’s story, awakening in her mossy cave after a sleep of many millennia, to enter the modern world like a primeval Lady of Shalott.

Here, then, is a necklace where the log has been turned over and burgeoning Nature, not as neat as we require with our manicured lawns, offers us a glowing chrysalis lampwork focal by Dwyn Tomlinson, set off by Dwyn’s snail-like lampwork whorls, iridescent Boro lampwork drops reminiscent of amphibian or insect eggs about to hatch, and electroplated copper leaves, all wired together on lime green and saffron sari silk. Handmade forged copper chain by the very talented Shannon LeVart.

Lilith's Vine

Lilith's VineLilith's Vine


3 responses to “Lilith’s Vine

  1. Oh. Jan. You have left me speechless. This is such an incredible necklace. I love your inspiration and Lilith would be proud to wear this piece of art.
    Thank you again for letting me make the chain for you.

  2. Wow! You got – you really got it! Wow. Thank you! Honored to be a part of this!

  3. This is just a spectacular piece– you are really advancing in your skills and turning a concept into a beautiful piece of adornment– congrats!

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