Who is David Foster Wallace?

David Foster WallaceWho is David Foster Wallace?

After researching the depths of Wikipedia and seeing this writer’s work described as a “manic, human, flawed extravaganza” “emerging straight from the excessive tradition of…Thomas Pynchon’s V and John Irving’s World According to Garp“, I’ve felt compelled to borrow his 1079-page tome, Infinite Jest, from Teh Library.

Imagine how hefty the large-print edition would be!

Nearly 100 pages of that are Notes and Errata in mouse print, a challenge for us astigmatics but a joy for those with OCD (no doubt, she says).

I think I actually enjoy this book, but Dog knows how long it will take to get through it. So many pages! And all those big words!

How do I know I write like David Foster Wallace?

I ran a few blog posts through the I Write Like Analyzer. Of course, some of the darker posts about factory farming came out as George Orwell (that would be “Pig Business”, of course) or Steven King, and a couple of my more rambling pieces identified as James Joyce.

According to The Accidental Blogger, “Noticing that David Foster Wallace appears with alarming frequency in the Analyzer, I analyzed a piece of Wallace’s own writing and apparently he writes like Stephen King! I also plugged in a few of King’s writing samples. Most of the time he comes out as himself.”

(This post was written in the style of Dan Brown…)


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