Pig Business

The English Marchioness of Worcester, a presenter at this year’s IdeaCity, will touch down in Canada later this week with a campaign message that the Canadian landscape must eventually rid itself of factory farms.

Otherwise known as Tracy Worcester, the Marchioness who will become the next Duchess of Beaufort, is a leading figure in the UK’s environmental movement.

She has already struck fear into leading American pig producer, Smithfield Foods, following the UK broadcast of her eco-documentary “Pig Business, which examined their takeover of the Polish landscape with their huge pig factories.

In the wake of Smithfield’s arrival in that country she found the company had left a legacy of environmental pollution, loss of community jobs and fears for public health. Their arrival is also speeding up the demise of the small-scale farmer in Poland, potentially changing the face of farming there forever.

As one of the world’s biggest producers of pork, Canada is next on the Marchioness’s hit-list of not-so-great factory farming nations and the first Canadian screening of the film will take place at the Al Green Theatre at the Miles Nadon Jewish Community Centre (750 Spadina Ave at Bloor St West), on Wednesday, June 16th at 7pm. She will complete her visit by speaking as a presenter at the IdeaCity event in Toronto on the June 17th. This unique event takes place from the 16th to 18th June.

About Tracy Worcester.


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