Pet Politics

Steve PaikinSteve Paikin’s “Agenda” last night covered the subject of pet politics. That’s an episode I would cheerfully watch again and I hope TVO posts it online.

Dr. Hanna Booth (Faces of Change candidate for the Toronto Humane Society board), Brian Schiller from the OSPCA, Kate Hammer from the Globe and Liz White from Animal Alliance of Canada had a collegial and informative discussion on some very tough questions.

A principled and intelligent discussion, I thought.

What a knowledgeable, passionate and articulate woman Liz White is. She asked for greater transparency on euthanasia statistics, broken out by reason. She also made an out-of-the-box suggestion that people donate to Toronto Animal Services, as a message to both the THS and OSPCA to get their acts together.  This blogger also recommends that donation dollars be directed to the many small, deserving rescues and shelters.

Hanna was very clear on euthanasia and the ringworm issue stating that, while a ringworm outbreak is much more difficult to deal with in a shelter situation than in a home, euthanasia is totally inappropriate. She also clarified “no kill” for those who are not up to date on this important life-saving movement.

For a good discussion on the attainability of no kill, check out Social Mange’s blog.

The OSPCA got off lightly regarding the question of why they didn’t reach out for help earlier.

I’m glad that Bandit was discussed. Hanna commented that he was euthanized without ever having been given the chance for behavioural rehabilitation. She also said that he had been used as a political pawn in debates about BSL and the Toronto Humane Society that had nothing to do with him. Garth Jerome and Bob Hambley still have a lot of explaining to do.

I do hope the THS members were able to tune in to this episode at this pivotal time.

If you missed it, watch it on TVO.

You can also check out the live chat from last night.


One response to “Pet Politics

  1. Good summary of a very good program. Steve Paikin and his team are very good at choosing interesting topics and keeping the conversation rolling. I only caught about half of it because of crummy TV speakers that are dying, but Liz White came across as very passionate and knowledgeable and Dr. Booth did very well explaining her viewpoints.

    The Bandit topic still enrages me; first because there’s no such thing as a “pit bull”, that’s a mutt; and next because everyone in Bandit’s life failed that dog. The owner who didn’t train and control the dog and then dumped the animal rather than having him euthanized herself. Tim Trow for failing to implement any rehabilitation for the animal and covering for his behaviour. Bob Hambley and the rest of the THS board for not controlling Trow and for covering for his behaviour. Bandit paid with his life for human failures.

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