Brother Sun, Sister Moon

This is for selkie.

Following his return from war, Francesco, the spoiled son of a wealthy merchant, renounces all his worldly possessions to live an ascetic and simple life as a man of God and nature. Much to the dismay of his family, friends and the local bishop,  he gradually gains a large following amongst the poor and the suffering.

Clare, a young woman also of a wealthy family, serves and cares for lepers of the community. Francis is inspired by her example, and in return, after his community forms, she comes to join the brothers in their life of poverty.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon was directed by Franco Zeffirelli, with music by Donovan.


2 responses to “Brother Sun, Sister Moon

  1. I totally have to find a copy of that… it has been so many years since I saw it and I remember i with such fondness! Nor surrpised though= I had forgotten Donovan had done a lot of the music and I STILL love him LOL …. thank you!

  2. The library has it. There’s a waiting list…

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