Toronto Humane Society Closes April 12

Despite the new message on the THS website clarifying that Vic Park will remain open and any remaining animals will go to other shelters, OSPCA and whatnot, the fact is that many of the animals remain at risk.

Seniors, cats and dogs with treatable ailments and the small animals need to get out of the shelter before it closes. If they are not picked up by Vic Park or a no-kill rescue, they could become the unfortunate casualties of the THS’ Fresh Start.

Don’t forget the 6 dogs and something like 30 cats that were culled at the end of March.

While the THS will be temporarily closing our 11 River St. shelter on April 12th we will not be conducting any large scale euthanizing of the animals at our facility.

We will be doing everything we can to place as many animals as possible in adoptive homes during the next week. We are also aggressively pursuing foster homes for our animals to find a place for them during the temporary closure.

This past Easter weekend the THS was open for business and is pleased to report that 46 adoptions took place (31 cats, 4 dogs and 11 small domestics).

Furthermore, adoptable animals that do not find homes will be transferred to other humane societies, SPCAs and rescue organizations. As well, our Victoria Park location will remain open throughout April and May and we will place adoptable animals there.

For anyone that hasn’t been following the news, THS is closing for about six weeks as of April 12 and is clearing out the cages. Adoption staff have been working hard to place the remaining animals, but their hands are tied by layoffs and closures that limit adoption hours.

So it’s up to the public to act now. If ever you thought you had room in your home or heart for one of these little sweethearts, now is the time to adopt.

And come June 1, get yourself a membership and ensure that the new board of directors and management do what is right for the animals.

Some wonderful profiles of the at-risk THS kitties at Help the THS Kitties. (Thanks, Heather, at Toronto Cat Rescue!)

THS’ adoptable animals are here, with limited descriptions. Just go down and visit.


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