The Last Forest Spirit

As the forest loses its many spirits to human arrogance and ignorance, it begins to die.

The Last Forest Spirit, one of Gordon Uyehara’s fabulous silver clay pieces. The body is pure silver created with kiln-fired silver clay. Sterling brooch findings are soldered onto the back.

Of The Last Forest Spirit, Uyehara says that the form came from the idea that many animals mimic the environment in which they live. So, instead of the straightforward slug, he made the shape out of vines and leaves. The spirit aspect probably came from the Hayao Miyazaki film, Princess Mononoke. The piece is mainly a statement about deforestation, loss of habitat, and our reluctance to understand complex systems.

“If I can add social commentary to a piece I will because I believe it is an artist’s job.” says Uyehara.

Gordon Uyehara website

As an artist, the best thing you can do is wake up dreaming.

Interview with Gordon Uyehara: Metal Clay Artist Magazine, issue 2


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