A Solstice Prayer for Chase the Lost Dog

UPDATE December 26: Chase has been found and is now with his rescuer. He slept all the way home, and I bet he has stories to tell! More to come!

Chase, a beagle mix, was found wandering in a rural area of Athens, Ohio and picked up by the Animal Warden and brought to the shelter there. He ran out of time and was on death row. He was picked to join a group of dogs slated to come to Ontario to one of the humane societies here, but then the week of transport, they ran out of room and once again Chase was at risk …. back on death row because he had nowhere to go.

His rescuer was bringing a couple of dogs up to her rescue, and her contact in Ohio asked if she would please also take Chase and one other hound also being left behind, and that’s how Chase came to be in Ontario. He traveled with the volunteer group Open Arms Transports which provides volunteer drivers to bring dogs north to Canada and safety. Each driver drives approx. one hour north and then hands the dogs off to the next driver who goes one hour north, and so on.

Chase finally got adopted but on his first night in his new home, he escaped the yard and bolted. That was Saturday Dec. 12th. He’s been missing ever since.

As of yesterday, he is on the run and last spotted heading west on Lakeshore near 30th Street. The Oakville Humane Society and the Toronto Wildlife Center have both loaned the rescue group humane live traps to catch Chase.

We need the public to keep a look out for Chase and let us know where/when he is spotted so that we can track his whereabouts and set up the traps.

It is imperative though that people do not call him or get too close to him because he is terrified and will run. He needs to be oblivious to the fact that you’ve seen him.

It would be a terrible tragedy for Chase to have been saved from death row in Ohio, only to die alone … hungry, cold, and frightened … on Toronto streets.

Chase is fully vaccinated and microchipped. He is wearing a red collar with Ohio rabies tag and also a yellow microchip tag. He is also wearing a black/red harness.

Up to date information at Chase’s Facebook group:  Help Find Chase

Global TV coverage (Video availability can be sporadic).

Lost dog notification at One Bark at a Time

Image:  Stray Dog, Roger Winter


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