A Muzzle Fit for a Princess

Dwyn Tomlinson is one of the jewellery artists over at BeadFX that posts her usually over-the-top inspirations on their website.

This week, she’s put together a lovely rhinestone-decorated dog muzzle!

The muzzle is for Miss Chrysanthemum, a kissy pitty that is unfortunately discriminated against in our wonderful province because of her looks. Now she has a fancy muzzle that she can wear with Attitude!

Dwyn did the decoration with a device called The Bejeweller, which is used to hot-glue rhinestones. The Bejeweller has a variety of cup shaped tips that you put down over the rhinestone on the front, and it heats up the stone and melts the hot-fix glue on the back. You then position the rhinestone in place, and it sticks there. You take the Bejeweller away and go get the next one.

A lot of Swarovski stones were put to good use in the creation of this pretty accessory.

Dwyn’s blog: Dragonjools


One response to “A Muzzle Fit for a Princess

  1. Swarovski rhinestones are becoming more and more popular. Their sparkling outer appearance are naturally attractive. They look very much like precious stones. In addition, they are versatile enough to be attached to various accessories.

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