Phoenix the Chow Goes Home


Earlier we (and others like Fred at OneBarkAtATime) blogged about Phoenix, the purebred cream chow chow who was rescued by Durham Humane Society after a heartless abandonment or perhaps an escape from an unthinkable existence.

Phoenix captured the hearts of many of us, and we were saddened to learn that the good veterinarians in Guelph had diagnosed him with inoperable cancer. Cancer that would otherwise have been imminently treatable…

Only five years old, Phoenix went to a loving foster home on September 9! He is a reported cat lover, and he has started playing with some doggie friends. Everyone in the neighbourhood loves him. He enjoys sleeping on the bed and getting all the attention He has a particular fondness for cat food.

Welcome to the world of loved dogs, Phoenix.

Phoenix updates at Durham Humane Society.

Please take the Shelter Challenge, sponsored by the Animal Rescue Site (yep, the same folks you click on daily to provide food for animals in shelters) and Petfinder. Vote for the Humane Society of Durham Region. This little group has a big heart, and could really use the help, especially with the challenge of rebuilding their shelter after a tragic fire last Christmas.

Humane Society of Durham Region


One response to “Phoenix the Chow Goes Home

  1. He really is starting to look a lot better. That coat of his will be magnificent if it gets a chance to grow back.

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