Me, Molly Midnight

Molly Midnight, named for the little cat who was an artist’s model and subject of a children’s book in the 1970s, is quietly taking charge of the dogs and trying to fill Samurai Genji’s paw-prints.

From her first sniff of oil paint and turpentine, Molly Midnight has – as she herself confesses – only one ambition. She is determined to be not only an artist’s cat, but an artist’s model. For she is in love with the artist’s life, and with the artist himself – Herman, whose moustache smells so fragrantly of kippers!

Me Molly Midnight

I was not born with paint on my paws. But you might think so, seeing me now and knowing where I was born.

I spent my first days in Provincetown. That is a small town on Cape Cod where many painters live and visit. But as a newborn kitten, I never dreamed that someday the life of an artist’s model would be for me — me, Molly Midnight!

“Well, Molly, I think after I finish this cup of coffee I’m going down to my studio to paint.”

Then it happened – just the way I had always hoped it would!

“Would you like to be my model?”

“Meow,” I said.

Being an artist’s model means posing in one position for long stretches of time. I was already very good at staying in one position, because I could pose and sleep at the same time.

Molly Midnight
March 31, 1996 – October 6, 2011

Me, Molly Midnight, by Nadja Maril, with illustrations by her father, Herman. Also, by Nadja, Runaway Molly Midnight.


One response to “Me, Molly Midnight

  1. Thank you for posting information about my book on your site.
    Of interest to you would be the Herman Maril , American Modernist exhibit that just opened at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.
    “Languid Cat” is one of the paintings on exhibit!

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