Angels at the Bridge

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.

~ George Eliot

In January, we posted about Penny, a little rescue hound mix who had survived two Louisiana hurricanes and been adopted into a loving home here in Toronto.

Penny lost dog

At the beginning of December, she had bolted from the High Park off-leash area, and her family has been searching for her ever since. At first, there were numerous sightings, then more recently, nothing.

Finally, her family has closure from the awful not-knowing. Penny had apparently been hit by a car near the park shortly after she escaped, and Toronto Animal Services found her yesterday.

Although it will never be possible to fill Penny’s paw-prints, her folks know of another dog in need. The pup that they save will help them heal, and remember Penny fondly and without the pain.

More here.

Many of us have also been following the story of Bobby, one of two Portuguese Fila pups rescued by TAS after they escaped an abusive home. Bobby and his brother Andy were given names, and TAS hoped to socialize them and adopt them out. This was not an option for Andy, as too much damage had already been done during his short puppyhood.


Bobby showed more promise. Although he was very fearful and could not be handled, he was learning to trust one of the TAS workers and even learning to play with other dogs.

This week, Bobby succumbed to parvo, a nasty killer of puppies.

Bobby was just beginning to learn, in his short life, that there were people that he could trust. He could not know how many of us were following his story, caring that he would learn to be a puppy and find a forever home.

The cherry blossoms, messengers of transition and renewal, are in full bloom on this warm sunny day, as we remember the precious little souls who have left us too soon.

Rest in peace, sweet Penny and Bobby.


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