Rex the Shiba Inu

rexAbby Toll, the precious little princess accused of taping her boyfriend’s two-year-old dog to the side of his refrigerator faces additional felony charges after police said she had heroin on her Tuesday when she was booked into the Boulder County Jail.

Abby, 20, who was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty, now faces potential felony charges of introducing a controlled substance, and sale and distribution of a controlled substance. She posted a $12,500 bond Wednesday and was released from jail. Good for mommy and daddy.

The University of Colorado environmental design student is scheduled to appear in court Thursday to be formally charged in the case.

Oh, please, give her the max.  Take her out of circulation for 18 months or just tape her to a fridge til she falls off. If it weren’t for the drugs, she’d likely just get a wrist-slap.

She also faces charges of domestic violence, third-degree assault and tampering in connection to a fight she had with her boyfriend the morning she allegedly bound and appended the 12-pound dog to the fridge.

Her hapless boyfriend, 21-year-old Bryan Beck, was also released from jail on a $1,500 bond Wednesday.

Hopefully, the clueless boy has finally got the message that little Rex was the canary in the mine, and that Ms. “It’s All About Me” Toll would have shredded him to very fine bits in short order.

I know this looks bad. We were going to get rid of him anyway. We usually don’t do this.

According to a police report, officers responding to a call about the fight at Beck’s East Aurora Avenue apartment found the dog, a shiba inu named Rex, bound with tape and elastic hair bands and stuck to the fridge upside-down. Toll reportedly told officers she stuck Rex there because she was mad at her boyfriend for not getting rid of the dog. She also complained that Rex had bitten her when she tried to apply cream to an “old wound”; what was that all about?

Rex, who police said was in severe pain when they cut him loose from the “tomb of tape,” was taken to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Luckily, Rex, a little worse for wear, is in a much better place, away from these idiots who probably picked him up at some pet shop that advised them that shiba inu’s are great dogs for just anyone, especially, college kids on dope and sex.

Abby’s little Paris-Hilton-purse-chihuahua was also taken into custody. Bryan Beck has reportedly relinquished ownership of Rex. Dog help the little chihuahua.

More at The Smoking Gun

Humane Society of Boulder Valley


11 responses to “Rex the Shiba Inu

  1. Tape the human b—h to the fridge by the two parts of her body with hair, that is what I say.

  2. Maybe she should be taped to a refrigerator upside down with her legs and arms bound and her mouth taped shut for a good 48 hours and see if she enjoys it. Although as stupid and ignorant as she sounds for doing it she just might like it. I have never understood why you would torture or hurt an innocent animal or child to get back at someone you are mad or angry with. If you are that unhappy then maybe you should do away with yourself.

  3. If she was on smack, you can pretty well guess that she wanted to get rid of the dog because the cost of dog food was taking away from her daily dose.

    Luv that quote: “I know this looks bad.” Yeah, no shit.

  4. I’m so infuriated with the stupidity of these two! They should NEVER be allowed to own any animal EVER again!!!

  5. Sounds like the kind of people you read about in the newspaper, they start with hurting animals and end up harming humans. They should never
    have any type of animal again.

  6. Shiba Mom of Amber and Gem

    I agree they should do the same to this woman. She’s real tough doing that to an innocent animal. Maybe when she gets to jail, they can tape her to the commode in her cell!

  7. She should be in Jail for at least 10 years and be tape to her cell… she is Not a HUMAN~ I hate people who hurts animals… What make her thinks that she is better or above dogs? she is waaayyy worst…..

  8. Hello all. Thank you all so much for supporting Rex. We are the family adopting Rex. We are allowing the public to help name our new puppy. He has had a rough start to life and we want to give him a fresh start. So come and vote on your favorite name. Go to the Boulder Humane Society web page.

  9. The worst part of this right now is that Abby Toll, the 20-year-old who’s been charged, is spending the summer living with her mother — who has a dog. If this is any indication of how serious these charges *aren’t* being taken, then I’m not looking forward to seeing the sorry excuse for a slap on the wrist she ends up getting for what she’s done.

  10. The good news is that Rex has a forever home and a new name – Yoshi, which means Good Luck!

  11. This is just the prelude to her next crime.

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