Bill C-229 Tackles Animal Welfare in Canada

One Bark At A Time is one of our very favourite blogs. Its keeper, Fred, is a volunteer at Toronto Animal Services (TAS). His insider view of the shelter operation is a window on compassion but also some very heavy issues. It’s heartbreaking when shelters and rescuers must go head to head with Canadian and Ontario animal “welfare” regulation which stands in the way of protecting animals. Read about Fred’s frustration here. Heck, read his whole blog!

Mark HollandIn the case of federal regulation, it’s a bloody travesty.

Parliament passed ineffective but politically correct legislation (as in Pontius Pilate’s handwashing) last year in the form of Bill C-203, a sham introduced by John Bryden to not rock the boat. After all, meaningful legislation could come later, once the ice had been broken. As in a hundred years from now, maybe.

Meanwhile, Mark Holland, MP for Pickering, continues to push for legislation with some real meaning and teeth. Each time, our elected MP’s haven’t stepped up to the plate or there’s been yet another election or similar obfuscation. Please keep on pushing, Mark!

Last year, Mark rightly promoted Bill C-373, which might have helped suffering animals a whole lot more than the pap that was approved under Bill C-203.

Now, Mark has re-introduced the more hefty Bill C-373 as Bill C-229.

Please visit his website and review the bill.

This needs to get done this time around. Contact your MP, senators and Minister Nicholson. Let’s do it!


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