The Slow Lives of Stones

Andy Goldsworthy Stone RiverI suppose that nothing living had moved among those great stones for centuries.

They lay toppled against each other like fallen dolmens.

The huge stones were beasts, I used to think, of a kind that man ordinarily lived too fast to understand.

They seemed inanimate because the tempo of the life in them was slow.

They lived ages in one place and moved only when man was not looking.

Sometimes at night I would hear a low rumble as one drew itself into a new position and subsided again.

Sometimes I found their tracks ground deeply into the hillsides.

Loren Eiseley, How Natural is “Natural”?
Image, Andy Goldsworthy, Stone River
Andy Goldsworthy at Red Star Café.

This necklace incorporates a focal lampwork bead by Dwyn Tomlinson, agate swirls and Kambaba jasper rondelles from BeadFX, chain from AD Adornments, and Atlantis polymer beads and earrings by StoriesTheyTell.


3 responses to “The Slow Lives of Stones

  1. This is lovely. I very much like the way you bring images and words together, and make life ‘sing’.
    Here is a quote from Isamu Noguchi that I like – I cannot say why: “Stone is the visible history of time, feeding us through a calm and radiant presence” .

  2. I like the work Noguchi does with paper and light. Now you have inspired me (again) to look at his other pieces.

  3. Anne Allanketner

    Speaking of Noguchi, you should see the work of Stephen White. His 40 years of luminous paper and wood sculptures inspired by lanterns and natural shapes, will amaze you. A documentary film about his life and work can be found, along with numerous images, at

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