BeavertailsAfter meeting with PM Stephen Harper, U.S. President Barack Obama made a quick stop in Ottawa’s Byward Market Thursday where he bought a beaver tail, picked up some cookies from a French bakery and looked for a snow globe to bring back to the White House.

Those who work at the BeaverTail hut in the Byward Market told CTV Ottawa one of Obama’s security personnel came up to the hut and asked if one of the employees could serve the president an Obama Tail, a winter treat designed specifically to honour the American president.

Employee Jessica Milien, who was selected because she’s a big Obama fan, served Obama his dessert and explained that the Obama Tail is dressed with the classic beaver tail cinnamon and sugar flavour, topped with maple flavoured eyes and a Nutella ‘O’ for ‘Obama.’

“This is the most exciting day of my life,” Milean told CTV Ottawa Thursday afternoon.

“We started talking and he was such a down to earth guy, it didn’t even feel like I was talking to the president of the United States.”

BeavertailsBeaverTails® are fried wholewheat dough pastries individually hand stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail. They have become a popular pastry in Ottawa and some other Canadian cities. Many toppings can be selected, including cinnamon and sugar, chocolate hazelnut, banana and chocolate, and maple walnut.

BeaverTails began when Grant and Pam Hooker decided to turn their family recipe for fried dough into a business. In 1980, they opened up the first BeaverTail stand in the Byward Market in Ottawa. There are now close to 100 beavertail stands worldwide.  The website of the city of Ottawa says BeaverTails are, “A uniquely Canadian tradition, hand-made Beavertail pastries are served up with a variety of toppings at special events throughout the year…”

The Hookers now plan to take the BeaverTails to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., to serve them at a “Tailgate party.”

“This is a very special occasion for the BeaverTail.”

They will be serving garlic butter and cheese BeaverTails as well as ObamaTails — cinnamon and sugar BeaverTails topped with Nutella “O’s” and maple eyes — to 1,000 guests at the party.

More at CTV News.


One response to “Beavertails

  1. I love Obama! He’s my hero. Y’all should come down here and serve us some beavertails so i can try ’em. they look awesome. Get out of them igloo’s of yours and stop playing with you polar bears and moose , come serve me some Beavertails in Tennessee!!!

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