Andy Goldsworthy Goes to the Office

Andy GoldsworthySome time ago, we blogged about the environmental art of Andy Goldsworthy (and some other earth artists well worth visiting).

Over at Museumgeeks, Suzanne, another Goldsworthy fan, challenged some Facebook friends to theorize (including faux artistic rationale) what Andy might do with “natural” office resources:

A silver screen of paper clips across the elevator door which forces office staff to fight their way through to their cubicles. Perhaps an email that automatically replies to itself, creating an endless looping message that gets longer and longer until it eats up all the bandwidth in the universe. Pillars of post-its with phone messages.

Another maven of office art is Larissa Brown. Here is Spew, an ominous fabrication of stapler and wire that will haunt this blogger’s dreams before the inevitable alarm to haul oneself off to the veal fattening pen.

Larissa Brown Spew

And, speaking of spew, this frightening piece, entitled Continuum Incident Report, is reminiscent of cell phone hell on public transit, where we are forced to endure the banal babbling of our Kafkaesque fellow travellers who need to assure everyone that they’re on the bus.

Continuum Incident Report Larissa Brown

Over to you, Andy.


One response to “Andy Goldsworthy Goes to the Office

  1. I reckon there is still nobody to touch Andy Goldsworthy, despite his myriad followers.
    The staple monster is very NASTY.

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