Lights Out for Stephen Harper?

One might only hope.

Thanks to its place of prominence in the capital, 24 Sussex Dr, the Prime Minister’s residence, is always easy to spot. As Ottawa went dark last night for Earth Hour, it was even easier

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s lights stayed on

Stephen Harper

Mangez le gâteau, eh?

The ever-illuminated Peace Tower on Parliament Hill went black at the stroke of 8 p.m, as did the lighted Canada signs that adorn federal buildings in the capital

Stornoway, official residence of Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, was almost impossible to find among the mansions in Ottawa’s upscale Rockcliffe neighbourhood. Dion, a former environment minister, even delivered a speech by candlelight in Toronto.

Rideau Hall, home to Governor General Michaëlle Jean, was dark, and even Harper’s attack dog, federal Environment Minister John Baird, was at his Nepean home “with the lights off, of course,” said a spokesperson.

But two ground-floor rooms in the benighted Prime Minister’s house stayed on and inquiries to a PMO spokesperson were not returned. The third-floor offices on Parliament Hill that house the Prime Minister’s Office were also among the few lights that stayed on

At least he didn’t leave his SUV idling in the driveway for the whole hour.

A pox on you, sir.


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