Cows with Guns

A half-century after the Hart of London got taken down, something was in the water of Mississauga, a bedroom suburb of Toronto, this morning.

Police shot and killed a steer that escaped from an overturned truck, saying they had no choice because the animal was charging at people. “It charged at one of the officers, right at him, and he had no choice.”

The steer escaped from a cattle truck, along with two cows and a bull. The truck overturned at about 6:40 a.m., snarling traffic on the Queen Elizabeth Way near Highway 427. (For you out-of-towners, this is a conjunction of two major rush-hour routes into the Big Smoke on Canada’s south shore, right at the corner of Sherway Gardens mega-mall).

Two of the animals ended up in the backyard of a home on idyllic Brentano Boulevard. Initially, the animals were peaceful, calmly munching away at the shrubs in the garden.

“They were rubbing up against my father’s shed. They were fine in the backyard. I guess when they tried to get them out of the backyard, that’s when they got really restless,” said a resident of the normally bucolic suburb.

Mississauga Cow

The steer got spooked when handlers tried to corral it and force it into a truck. One of a number of portable iron gates used to guide the animals into the truck fell, scaring the steer. This blogger notes that the horde of residents and police might not have been helpful either; just watch the Toronto Star video and draw your own conclusions.

The officer in question then fired something like 30 rounds into the animal after which a second officer helped finish it off with a few more shots.

“He was using a handgun because we weren’t planning on taking the animal down,” noted a constable. “It was a last-minute call by the officer. Most of the streets were closed off. He was not going to endanger anyone’s life.”

Nice job, Dudley Do-Right.

Toronto Star

Dana Lyons’ Cows With Guns website


One response to “Cows with Guns

  1. A bucket of corn would have worked better than the gun , they will usually follow you any where you want them to go.

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