Heart of Darkness

This Elk was killed with a bow in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. He green scored 575″ and should net out at about 530″ non typical. He has an unbelievable outside spread of 79″. This is the biggest bull ever taken with any weapon.

Idaho Bull Elk

However, after debate on the King’s Outdoor World hunting blog, this appears to have been a farmed elk that was killed inside a 32 square acre fenced enclosure at Laurentian Wildlife Estate, a canned hunting lodge near Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and hardly what the hunting community would deem a “fair chase”.

The blog commentary mostly saw this for what it was: a high-fence hunt, with some city slicker with enough money bringing down an elk loaded with rack-enhancing steroids. Kind of like tying up the 4-H champion bull and shooting him.

From the blog commentary:

“Wish everyone would quit raising all these ‘big bull in Idaho’ stories. These articles just draw in all the out-of-staters. As if the wolves weren’t bad enough, now we gotta contend with the number of people running around too…”

“Oh come on.. Let the horn hunters shoot the fenced animals and have their fun… It will keep them out of our beautiful mountains.. “

Better if the out-of-staters get the best chance possible for a clean shot in a high-fence guaranteed-shot enclosure, and don’t shoot holes in someone’s cow or pet dog.

From the elk’s point of view, it’s not so win-win. Sure, the big guy got fattened up and worst thing that happened (prior to his harvesting) was that he scratched his antlers a wee bit on the dog dish full of high-additive feed.

A choice of nightmares.

At least, we can hope he wasn’t eating his ground-up kin, like the fifth-rate garbage that Big Ag beef is fed. He didn’t end up in a slaughterhouse chute as a downer, getting jabbed with forklifts and waterboarded onto his feet to qualify for the McFoodChain.

Heart of Darkness

Throughout the novel (Heart of Darkness) Joseph Conrad dramatizes a tension in Marlow between the restraint of civilization and the savagery of barbarism.

The darkness and amorality which Kurtz exemplifies is argued to be the reality of the human condition, upon which illusory moral structures are draped by civilization.

Marlow’s confrontation with Kurtz presents him with a ‘choice of nightmares’ – to commit himself to the savagery of the human condition, or to the lie and veneer of civilized restraint.

Though Marlow ‘cannot abide a lie’ and subsequently cannot perceive civilization as anything but a veneer hiding the savage reality of the human condition, he is also horrified by the darkness of Kurtz he sees in his own heart. After emerging from this experience, his Buddha like pose aboard the Nellie symbolizes a suspension between this choice of nightmares.”

Idaho Bull

Supplementary reading:

Temple Grandin

Matthew Scully


2 responses to “Heart of Darkness

  1. What can we say? Thank goodness that beast (with the rack) was “put in his place”….. Now, can I have at the other 2? GO VEGAN!

  2. How does a real man do this. Bet they would shoot animals in a zoo also.
    Always feel they have to do this to make up for a very small penis. The bigger the animal they kill, the smaller the penis.
    Their poor partner.
    Nice going guys…

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