Sato’s Luck

SatoAlen Nelson, a trucker from Denver, had been incredibly upset over his missing dog, Sato.

This two-year-old Shiba Inu would keep Nelson company on his long drives across the country since Sato was eight-weeks-old.

But on January 2, Sato went missing when he slipped out of his collar when Nelson pulled into a rest stop.

Nelson said that Sato may have been confused by the new truck that they were riding in. Nelson searched among all of the trucks and cars for his friend, but Sato could not be found.

Nelson was afraid of losing his job, so he knew he had to give up searching for Sato and continue on with his delivery to Atlanta.
But animal lovers and volunteers continued to search in the area for Sato while Nelson made his delivery.

Finally, after days of searching for the missing Shiba Inu, volunteers found the dog and lured him with food. They were able to slip a leash over his head and put him into one of the volunteer’s pick up truck.

Nelson was notified that Sato was found, and he headed over to the rest stop to pick up one of the most important packages in his life — his dog.

When the two were reunited, Nelson gave his beloved dog a big hug, and Sato answered back by whimpering for his owner.

One volunteer told Nelson, “This is all we wanted, just to get him back to you.”

The Journal News


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