Paris – Rencontres

Eiffel Tower“Like a phantom hunter I’ve attempted to capture the city between wakefulness and sleep, when the clear-obscure light mingles landscapes and silhouettes which blend in and become one with the trees, branches, corners of buildings, borders, drawing strange faces, disturbing and fantastic arabesques on which they want to linger. Trying to catch the passing time, always too late.

Poetry emerges with emotion in the curving of a street, in a wasteland, in an abandoned object, in people caught in their loneliness, mystery and the charm of their anonymity, in the worrisome strangeness of their appearance.

In the city there will always be something to surprise us and make us dream; a paper boat floating in a pool in the middle of a sidewalk in Paris can take us to a most amazing trip.

Paris MetroAnd then there’s another world made of glamour and loneliness.

I haunted the quays of the subway and captured a certain form of loneliness emanating from people sitting in front of the advertising boards, between invention and reality. Two worlds mixing, without having met.

The advertising image, representing the female nakedness with its luscious skin, with these perfect bodies dressed in light, transparent lace and silky underwear dominate the sad man sat on a colorful bench, dressed in grey or black, sadly waiting for the arrival of his train. On one side, above, the eternal youth and beauty, on the other side, down, faces and bodies overwhelmed by dead time. I wonder if these travellers would venture to one day taste “the Freshness of Hollywood chewing gum”.

But we smile or laugh when we see the object of their desire dancing behind them, teasing them in a certain way… ”

Paris Metro

Tatiana Bitir is a Canadian who is often on the move. Her extensive travels have taken her to the world’s great open spaces and major cities. She has had her works exhibited more than once in Paris and has been published in Le Monde 2.

Paris – Rencontres – Exhibit at Alliance Francaise de Toronto, October 2007

The Paris images

Tatiana Bitir


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